Best Edinburgh: Cooking & Drinks Making Experiences

 Best Edinburgh: Cooking & Drinks Making Experiences

We love eating and drinking here at Best Edinburgh, but sometimes we want more. How do you unleash your inner Nigella? Or, make that beer you’ve always wanted to. Cooking and drinks making classes are available throughout Edinburgh for people looking to take food & drink to the next level. Here are the best cooking & drinks making experiences.

Edinburgh New Town Cookery School

From artisan bread making, through chocolate heaven cooking classes to an Aga workshop. Edinburgh New Town Cookery schools offers an amazing range of classes and workshops for those with a love of food. Whether you are looking to learn some fundamentals or developing your skills, there is something for everyone.

Practical cookery courses, no washing up and you can take home with you to enjoy with your family or friends!


Stewart Brewing

Want to brew your own beer on professional kit? If you love craft beer and you’ve always dreamed of brewing your very own, then Stewart Brewing’s Craft Beer Kitchen is your very own dream factory!

Your own personal brewer will guide you through the entire brewing process, ensuring your brew session is fun filled and smooth sailing. Work with your brewer to create a truly bespoke beer based on any style you would like to brew. Whether you’re a complete beer novice or a self-proclaimed beer geek, Craft Beer Kitchen will be a unique and unforgettable brew-it-yourself experience.


Magic Potions Tavern

You may have done cocktail making before, but did they involve magic?! Magic Potions Tavern, offers colour changing, bubbling and smoking cocktails for thirsty witches and wizards. Cocktail making with a magical twist. Whilst some of the cooking & drinks making experiences are all day affairs, the Magic Potions Tavern offers you the chance to brew something up in under an hour.

You are given magical ingredients and special potion instructions, it’s up to you to use all your hexes and curses (not those ones!) to create a concoction to ensnare the senses or banish your enemies! Use eyeballs and unicorn blood to create The Dark Lord cocktail. Too evil for you? Then dig in the magic soil for the ingredients for Herbology 101.


Taste And Make Your Own Whisky

Whisky tasting is big business in Edinburgh; shops, museums and tastings are all at your fingertips in Scotland’s capital. One hidden gem that could go over looked amongst the cacophony of experiences is the Make Your Own Whisky.

Hosted at the Smoke Stack, you will you learn about Scotch Whisky and get to taste 6 whiskies from the different regions of Scotland. Then you will make your own blend and have a personalised bottle of whisky to take home as a souvenir.


Shake It Up

High end cocktail bar Tigerlilly on fashionable George Street offers us interactive cocktail masterclasses through it’s Shake It Up workshops. Straight up, shaken or stirred, these demonstrations take you on an “incredible flavour journey”.

You and your friends can learn how to make the most moreish cocktails. Each class lasts 90 minutes and includes the company an expert mixologists who’ll take you through the origins of each drink and showing you how to create your own cocktails and trying them out for yourself!

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