Best Edinburgh: Ghost Tours

 Best Edinburgh: Ghost Tours

Edinburgh has a long, dark history filled with gruesome deeds and blood curdling tales. From the satanic panic of the 15th and 18th centuries when “witches” were executed in the Old Town to the murderous spree of Burke & Hare in 1828, death has strode the streets of the capital for centuries. But have the dead actually gone? Or are they still here to tell their stories. Here are the Best Edinburgh Ghost Tours:

Edinburgh Darkside Walking Tour

Take a walk on Edinburgh’s dark side. Explore parts of the city where murders and mayhem have become things of legend. Visit Old Calton Burial Ground and Canongate Kirkyard, two of Edinburgh’s most chilling cemeteries. Hear real-life tales of witches, body-snatchers, vampires, cannibals and more.

It all begins in Edinburgh Old Town and then wind your way down the cobbled streets surrounding Calton Hill and North Bridge, beneath which lies the Blair Street Vaults. Discover tales of torture and treason interspersed with stories of pagan festivals and dramatic historical events.


The Ghost Bus Tours

A walking tour with a difference, you sit on a bus. That and the best name for a ghost tour possible, even if you’re not a fan of Ghostbusters you’ve go to love it. A more theatrical experience than most tours, you are guided to the haunted sites of Edinburgh by a creepy onboard conductor.

The Necrobus transports you through the darkness of the city and leads you from royal executions to devious spirits trapped on the material plane. Climb aboard the 1960s Routemaster for a self proclaimed “comedy-horror theatre sightseeing experience on wheels”. You will enjoy boarding this haunted bus, but will you ever be allowed to leave?!


City Of The Dead Haunted Graveyard Tours

Venture into the most haunted section of Edinburgh’s Underground City, where a population once lived in utter misery. Explore the city’s haunted graveyards, including Greyfriars Kirkyard, home to the ghost of George MacKenzie. MacKenzie, who in life was a brutal persecutor of Covenanters in the seventeen hundreds and monikered “Bluidy Mackenzie.”, lay in rest until 1999 when his mausoleum was broken into. Since then there have been hundreds of documented poltergeist attacks, with people collapsing for mysterious reasons near his burial site. Spooky.


Auld Reekie Tours

It’s an adults only tour, that’s how terrifying Auld Reekie’s Terror Tour promises to be. Descend into the South Bridge Vaults and learn of the harrowing tales which took place in these underground rooms.

Visit the medieval torture exhibition to see the instruments from the “Burning Times”, used to extract confessions, and punish the unfortunate. After that, you will be guided through the haunted vaults, named most haunted place in Edinburgh! Visit the Wiccan Temple, the cursed stone circled vault and the Haunted Vault.


The World Famous Underground Ghost Tour

What a boast! This better be a good tour! Phew, it is. Traverse the narrow, winding closes and eighteenth-century bridges lying just off the stately Royal Mile and discover their gruesome past; take a wander through the historic Greyfriars Kirkyard and conclude your evening with a trip to Edinburgh’s famous underground vaults where your guide will show you through the creepy chambers and share its secrets.


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