Best Edinburgh: Pizza Places

 Best Edinburgh: Pizza Places

I love pizza, you love pizza, everyone loves pizza! Bread, tomato, cheese. Sounds easy, but some people just do it better than others. Here are the Best Edinburgh Pizza Places.


Civerinos is original, modern Italian street-food. Old family recipes with a highly contemporary street-food vibe. If you like eating classic sour-dough pizza in an effortlessly cool city centre pizza parlour, then Civerinos is the place to be. Authentic italian ingredients, bench seating, Birra Moretti; you know the type of place. You can go there, eat the pizza and even buy the t-shirt! We recommend you try the signature Civernios pizza.



Fire cooked pizza’s in a cosy, family friendly atmosphere. Freshness is at the heart of the Origano ethos. The best of ingredients, freshly prepared and locally sourced from local independent suppliers. Although, like all of the pizza places on this list, key ingredients come from Italy. The Calabrese pizza with tomato, mozzarella, mascarpone, spicy sausage & nduja is a particular highlight on the menu.


La Favorita

La favorita is the pizza delivery in Edinburgh, but it also has a restaurant on Leith Walk. Owned by the Crolla family, it’s no surprise that La Favorita delivers authentic Italian pizzas that other delivery specialist can only dream of. Why not try the DOP (“Protected Designation of Origin”) Margherita; a classic is a classic for a reason.


Pizzeria 1926

Neapolitan pizza made by people form Napoli. The very best of Italian and Scottish ingredients combined to make some of the best pizzas in town. They also have the Pizza Fritta, a Neapolitan street food extremely popular among the locals. Seal the topping between two layers of pizza dough and deep-fry it until crispy. Who knew it wasn’t just Scottish people that like to deep-fry pizza!



Swedish Pizza, and it’s great! Soderberg do all things sourdough, including a limited range of excellent pizzas. Simple, fresh ingredients on the best of sourdough bases, proving that pizza is not just an italian thing!


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